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my journey

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my journey

Post  VapingMandycat on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:32 pm

It has been a 14mths since i quit smoking with the help of Electronic Cigarettes.

I grew up in a household with two parents who smoked. My mother smoked two packs of Winston's a day and my father smoked Cigars and pipe tobacco for years. When i was in middle school performing my physical education requirements to run around the school track i found myself short of breath and unable to achieve the goal of running the track in 3 min.

I was checked out by my pediatrician then who diagnosed me with asthma. Usually i would only have attacks by physical exertion.

Later in life as a teen i of coarse tried one of my mothers cigarettes because other kids my age were using cigarettes, i think it was the cool factor and if mom and dad do it , then it must be safe. I was 15yrs old when i picked up my first cigarette, then i enjoyed the factor of hiding behind the local taco house at lunch time smoking with my friends.

during this time there were not alot of advocates against smoking and there were still cigarette commercials on TV, and tobacco ad billboards posted like cool camel Joe, the Marlboro man.

As i aged and continued to smoke i noticed i started wheezing more and more after doing certain activities. I knew deep down it was from smoking but ignored it because i was hooked and needed my nicotine.

I then lost my mother to lung cancer, she was 63 years old. The call i received on mothers day that she had passed was devastating to me and to this day hurts.

At age 30 and after her death i actually started smoking more to deal with the grief and stress of missing her. I went from one pack of Marlboro too two packs of Marlboro a day, on weekends i could get smoke three packs if i was out drinking with friends.

In late 2010 i started wheezing severely with the smallest activities , like sweeping the floor, or mopping the floor, climbing stairs, exercise.
It finally got to points where i had to use my children nebulizer to help me breath there times i felt my airways closing on me like i was suffocating.

I made a doctors appointment with a pulmonologist and a lung function test showed i was way below average. I heard the doctor dictate on the phone severe bronchitis and mild COPD. I was prescribed inhalers that cost about 100 bucks a month with insurance.

I still smoked cigarettes, tried quitting with welbutrin, took that for a few weeks and it didn't help me.

I knew if i didn't stop smoking i would end up killing myself, with two children age 4 and 6 left alone.

i frantically looked to the internet for things to help you quit and found articles about electronic cigarettes.

I decided to order a free trial kit and try it. I considered the ecig my last resort to quitting.

Within a week, i no longer wanted my cigarettes, the ecig was all i needed. On day 18 of non smoking for the first time in years i woke up without hacking up a lung. Tears filled my eye's.

Electronic cigarettes worked, and worked for my husband as well. I decided to get the word out. I couldn't believe that there were so many people who had not even heard of electronic cigarettes.

I started a group on Facebook called vapors lounge.
I added friends and family to start and tried providing education about ecigs. I started to find more and more ecig users across the internet and they also joined the lounge to help new people and inform...The lounge has grown in the past year, numerous Facebook vaping groups have spawned from the lounge and now Facebook has over 50 vaping groups reaching out across the world to ecig users and people looking for information about ecigs.

In short i became a activist for ecigs, continue to reach out to people and host shows about ecigs with the hopes of encouraging others to quit smoking.

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Re: my journey

Post  Vape~A~Licious Juice on Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:30 am

amazing story Mandy!!!COPD at such a young age what a frightful thing!Thank you for all you do to educate and spread the word

Vape~A~Licious Juice

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Thank you Mandy

Post  SCS on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:19 am

cheers Lead by example. And you certainly are a leader. I hope your story will inspire everyone to get the word out.

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Re: my journey

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