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My history as a smoker by Steve Chase

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My history as a smoker by Steve Chase

Post  SCS on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:29 am

My first attempt to quit smoking was in March 1971. I remember because it was my 21st birthday. I made it two weeks cold turkey. From that point on I would try to quit at least once a year even though the last attempt ended in failure. When the nicotine gum came on the market I tried that. Pills, same story. Patches, same story. On and on and on I would try anything. Nothing worked for me for more than a month. In 2000 I had a heart attack and was again forced to face the reality that my smoking had to stop. I left the hospital tobacco free. I was happy to be alive and since I was restricted from driving a car for six weeks I was able to put cigarettes out of my thoughts. That lasted three months until the day I had to take my wife to the emergency room and I smelled smoke coming from a cigarette in the parking lot of the hospital. A cigarette was just what I needed to relieve the stress. I bummed one cigarette that day and in no time I was back up to a pack a day. In 2006 I was diagnosed with COPD. Back to the gum and patches, etc. Same old story nothing worked long term because the least amount of stress would send me right back to a cigarette. It was such an easy fix and as close as a 7-11. If a heart attack and COPD would not scare me into quitting I don’t know what could.

Because of cigarettes I now have a fleet of doctors. All of them were telling me what I already knew, QUIT SMOKING. Since I tried every prescription and method they prescribed and had no success I was on my last legs and resigned to the fact that I was facing a miserable existence for the rest of my life.

That was my life before April 2010. After forty years of trying I did find a way to quit smoking for good. I found out about Electronic Cigarettes and vapor. I did my research and concluded that at that point in my life I had nothing to lose so why not give it a try. Bingo! It worked for me because I was getting the same sensation of a “smoking” inhale and that is what it really took to get me off the cigarettes for good. For me it has been a miracle. ALL of my doctors are very supportive and the medical tests I have undergone since I started using an e-cig are showing remarkable results. For the past year and a half my BP has been a steady 110/90 give or take 5points. My lungs no longer feel ‘heavy’ with congestion and my pulmonologist is very pleased with my progress. My breath tests have gotten better and I have more stamina than I have had for decades.

Best of all I have a new outlook on life and I will be forever grateful to Hon Lik for this invention and all my friends in the vaping community for all of their help and support.

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Re: My history as a smoker by Steve Chase

Post  VapingMandycat on Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:37 pm

Thank you Steve for sharing your story here at the lounge forum, truly inspirational, and yes thank you Hon Lik for such a great invention

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