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FAQ's for the Drip on Demand

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FAQ's for the Drip on Demand

Post  SCS on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:31 am

Auto feeding with the Drip on Demand; will it work for everyone?

No. When you consider the various PV designs and the people using them it is impossible to guarantee that everyone that uses the DoD will have the same results. Our testers have been using a variety of PV and atomizer combinations and eliquid that has more of a PG mix. After the atomizer is properly primed some of them are getting hours of use before they have to re-prime. That is why we call it semi-automatic. We think that for most folks it will just be a matter of getting used to it. We also feel that in the worst case some people will spend more time squeezing the bottle than others.

Tip: Take a strong drag without activating the power button on your PV. This primes the atomizer almost as good as a bottle squeeze.

Tip: Push the white carto plug down into the mouthpiece before you add your drip tip for extra suction.

Tip: A ‘new shirt pin’ (think department store) is the ideal size to clean a clogged dropper tip. A pin any larger is asking for trouble.

Since the bottle is tip down all of the time won’t it leak?

Part 1

Yes at some point it probably will. It’s hard to defeat gravity. But our tests have shown that if it does leak it’s a miniscule amount. This is one of the things we were most concerned with in the beginning and the most tested part of our research. Keep in mind that there is an extremely fine line between too much liquid (flooding) and not enough (choking). Our task was to strike the best balance between the vacuum in the DoD during use and the flow of liquid being pulled out of the bottle. We are very happy with the ability of our device to control eliquid.

In one of our test we fill ten bottles with PG. We turn the bottles upside down and place empties under them to catch any leaks. None of them show more than a fraction of a drop leaked after 24 hours and most of them show no leak at all. We’ve been doing this for months and getting the same results.

Since the bottle is tip down all of the time won’t it leak?

Part 2

We feel that our bottle is second to none when it comes to controlling eliquid. There is one situation that you should be aware of that can cause problems. High ambient temperatures. The viscosity of the eliquid changes with temperature. Our test show that the eliquid is difficult to control at sustained temperatures above 95 degrees F and could cause problems with flooding. We learned this when one of our testers left their PV in a car with the DoD attached in a vertical position. If you must leave it in a hot environment for an extended amount of time the safest thing would be to take the bottle out of the DoD and put the supplied cap on it.

Bottle fatigue

In all of our testing we found two things will cause excessive eliquid being delivered to the atomizer. Not fully seating the tip onto the bottle and a crack in the thread area of the bottle’s neck. We recommend a thorough inspection of the bottle each time you attach it to the DoD.

First it is critical that you make sure the tip is fully seated onto the bottle.

Next check for cracks in the thread area of the bottle. We have not found this to be much of a problem but after extended use one of our testers did find a crack.

We chose the most flexible bottle we could find because it adds more control with the system. When attached the threaded area of the bottle will not move but the main part of the bottle will. If you pull the bottle side to side it will eventually split because of fatigue. Keep this in mind and try not to pull the bottle side to side. Another cause is over tightening when attaching the bottle to the DoD. All that is necessary is to tighten just enough to prevent air leaks. Don’t force it.

Can I use bottles sold through e-liquid suppliers on my DoD?

The DoD is designed for use with the bottles that came with it. Other bottles will not work with the device as they will leak or not drip correctly.

Can I use adapters with the DoD?

Yes but you will get better results with a direct connection. Less air leak.

Can I use drip tips with the DoD?

Yes. We designed our mouthpiece with that in mind. 510, 901 and 808.

What is the material used in the manufacture of the DoD?


Set up for the Drip on Demand.

Please go to our web site and watch the “Setup Video” at first. Then you can use this Setup Sheet for reference.

The Bottle.
Wash out and thoroughly dry it. **It is critical that the dropper tip is secured properly back onto the bottle after you fill it with your eliquid. The easiest way to do this is to hold it in your hand near the top between your thumb and forefinger. Try it a couple of times while it’s empty to get the hang of it. Next use a cup or paper towel to test that it is dripping properly. Squeeze and immediately let go or it will continue to drip. Next and with the tip side up screw the bottle into the DoD. Do not force it past its natural stopping point. The bottle is very flexible and can tear where it meets the threads on the DoD if you overdo it. The DoD is designed for use with the bottles that came with it. They are cheap and we recommend buying them by the dozen.

The DoD.
Now that the bottle is attached turn the DoD bottle side up. Place a finger over the hole in the atomizer shaft of the DoD and take a strong drag from the mouthpiece. It should be very stiff and have no air leaks from the bottle area. If it is leaking air carefully screw in the bottle in till the leak stops.

Atomizer or Cartomizer?
We recommend starting your journey using cartomizers since they initially hold more liquid and make the transition easier. Once you are comfortable with the DoD, atties are the way to go for the best taste and throat hit. We lean towards using standard ohm atomizers because they hold the reserve liquid better and the same can be said for lower voltage PV’s.

Fully prime the atomizer and test to insure that it is working properly. Re-prime and then attach the DoD. If you are using a Cartomizer, fill it up before you attach the DoD.
That is all there is to it for the set up.

For the best results the only air coming through the system should be where the atomizer screws into the battery. Atomizers that are too “airy” will hinder the DoD from feeding from suction alone. Keep in mind that the suction from vaping will not produce normal drops, it’s tiny drops and almost a mist. Ideally it is just enough to keep the atomizer wet for extended periods of time. At some point it will run the atty dry and only then should you squeeze the bottle. That’s why we say it’s semi-automatic.

We find that strong cigarette like drags work best and since the mouthpiece is so far from the atomizer eliquid is virtually eliminated from being drawn into your mouth.

Drip tips are fine to use (510 808, 901). If you feel the need for a little more suction in the DoD take the little white carto tip and push it down into the mouth shaft before you add the drip tip. This creates a little more resistance. Drip shields will also ad some more resistance.

The bottle we use does a great job controlling the eliquid and we have had very few problems with leaking. If however you are noticing liquid coming out around the atty/battery area check for these four things:
1) The dropper tip on the bottle is not secured properly.
2) There is a tear in the neck of the bottle.
3) Leaving your PV standing upright in a hot car.
4) Over-squeezing the bottle. Keep these four things in check and you shouldn’t have a problem. If you want to be overly cautious lay your PV on its side when not in use.

We think that the DoD is the easiest method for loading your PV with eliquid on the market. We strongly suggest that every time you need to refill the bottle it’s a good idea to give it a good inspection and test before you attach it to the DoD. Once a week it will help to run some hot water through the dropper tip to keep it clean and flowing.
As you have seen it is a very simple device that is easy to maintain and use. Questions? Email at
We hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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thank you steve

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:13 pm

i have to say the instructions are really handy, i thought i didnt need instructions but it is a good idea to read over these tips before trust me..thank you steve for posting

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