New eGo-RS starter kit

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New eGo-RS starter kit Empty New eGo-RS starter kit

Post  ecigator on Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:14 am

New [url=]eGo-RS[/url] starter kit - A combination of eGo-T & eCab, With the battery housing, you can replace the battery whenever you want!


eGo-RS and ego-T are look the same in outward view, the battery thread are exact the same as normal ego-T, can fit for various atomizers, ego-T atomizer, 510 atomizer, CE4/CE5, etc. It can be charging in two ways, use regular ego-T USB charger to charging from the top, or you can remove the 14500 battery and use the wall charger to recharge!

More info here:

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